Day two

Well, the site is coming together nicely.  I seem to have gotten most of the settings configured the way I want them.  We had a lot of spam comments last night so I implemented a captcha for comments.  Seems to have slowed down a lot of the spam.  Now the hard part… figuring out what should go here.  If you have idea’s, feel free to comment on what you think this should be used for.  At first I kind of imagined this would be a site for family pictures and whatnot but I’d really rather not post those things where they’re accessible for everyone to see. Facebook is one thing… open website is something different.  Food blog?  Nah, plenty of those out there. Ramblings of a Yak?  Maybe.  Regardless, for now I think we’ll just use this to give updates to family and friends on what our little family is up to.  

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