Sorry.  Life has a way of getting in the way and despite my best intentions, this blog just took a seat on the back burner.  We’ve all been passing around a bug of some sort but I think/hope we are all past the worst of it.  We’ve had some good news surrounding FMLA and CFRA eligibility so that means that Brooke will be able to take a lot longer off of work when the new baby is here.  Nolan has been amazing.  he’s becoming a very sweet little boy; hugging and kissing everyone, sharing toys, etc.  The new nanny starts the day before Thanksgiving (tomorrow!) and we’re so excited.

Where does the time go?

I’m still so elated that we have family and friends close by.  Seems like everyone is going out of their way to help with Nolan while we sort out full time care.  The new nanny is expected to start the week of Thanksgiving, though with the short week, it may just make sense to have her begin the week after.  Last week was full of adventure for Nolan.

Halloween was wonderful.  We had a number of good friends come by as our house tends to have the most trick or treaters.  We handed out giant candy bars and all of the kids got to dress up (as did some adults).  Nolan had three costumes for the night as we couldn’t county on any one being worn for more than 3 minutes at a time.


12185071_10100578425926674_4668045560006626776_o 12182945_10100578425796934_2532917317635266860_o DSC_5638 PhotoGrid_1446383101509 Sharks Fan 11231051_10100578425911704_6070964765800299105_o


The day after Halloween, we met up with our friends once again at the SAP Center to watch San Jose’s AHL hockey team (Barracuda) battle it out for a win again the Ontario Reign.



We also all got haircuts!  This was Nolans first.  It was a a little sad to lose the curls, but we’re confident they’ll be back.


Some random photos

20151108_085843 20151108_085831



I know this is a month early, but I’m thankful.  Thankful for good friends and family as this week has been filled with a plethora of emotions.  Nolan’s nanny quit without notice this week.  She came in in the morning and turned in her key.  If it wasn’t for friends and family helping out with watching Nolan this week, we’d be at a complete loss.

It’s all working out for the best, though.  We’ve already found a new nanny that comes highly recommended (she starts in a few weeks time) and I got to spend a lot of time with Nolan this week.  We went and visited a fire station where we got a full tour (didn’t want to sit in the truck, but gladly took a fire helmet):

20151027_094655 20151027_094732

Tried out our new double stroller with a friend in back:


Played in the sand:


Had a party:


Painted Pumpkins:

20151030_165943 20151030_170655

All in all, it’s been a trying but very eventful week.  Honestly feel very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.


We started taking showers with Nolan at an early age.  I want to say when he was 4 months old.  We tend to travel and camp a lot and bath’s aren’t always an option so we knew we needed to get Nolan comfortable with showers as well as baths from an early age.  He’s never not liked it.  He’s always been comfortable in the shower as long as he’s being held.  He likes controlling the shower head and usually just spraying me in the face with it.   Tonight, I had this exchange with him.

Me: Nolan, let’s put away your cars and then it’s BATH time!  Do you want to take a bath?

Him: Shower.

Me:  Shower?  Do you want to take a shower or bath?

Him: Papa, shower.


Sore muscles and needles

Woke up early and headed to the clinic in Los Gatos.  Getting ready for the flu season with family flu shots.  I went first followed by Nolan.  Brooke brought up the rear.  Nolan took the shot like a champ.  Whined a bit, mostly out of surprise at the nurse sticking him with a needle and was fine just half a second later.  Watched the whole time.  Then we watched Brooke get her shot.  Flu shots mean we are ready for whatever comes our way this season.


The day started at 5 am so by 9, we had a pretty grumpy toddler on our hands.  Luckily, the pumpkin patch changed all that.  Spina Farms pumpkin patch was a hit with all of us.  We even had some other friends/family join us for a morning pumpkin patch trip.  We rode the train, checked out the toddler maze, visited the petting zoo, rode in a wheelbarrow and picked out some pumpkins to take home with us.

20151018_095101 20151018_101101 20151018_10152120151018_111938

Kelley Park

Having been going to happy hollow with my son for quite a while now, it’s surprising that I’d never checked out the rest of Kelley Park.  We decided that we wanted to stay away from the crowds today so instead of heading into Happy Hollow, we follow the path to the Japanese Friendship Garden at Kelley Park.  The Japanese Garden there is not large, but very pretty.  There are a number of pools full of ducks, geese, and Koi fish.  There are machines that dispense a handful of pellets to let children (and some adults) feed the fish which come swarming when someone walks up to the water.  If you’ve never checked out the Garden at Kelley Park, I highly suggest it.  Overall, a great start to a much anticipated weekend.

Day two

Well, the site is coming together nicely.  I seem to have gotten most of the settings configured the way I want them.  We had a lot of spam comments last night so I implemented a captcha for comments.  Seems to have slowed down a lot of the spam.  Now the hard part… figuring out what should go here.  If you have idea’s, feel free to comment on what you think this should be used for.  At first I kind of imagined this would be a site for family pictures and whatnot but I’d really rather not post those things where they’re accessible for everyone to see. Facebook is one thing… open website is something different.  Food blog?  Nah, plenty of those out there. Ramblings of a Yak?  Maybe.  Regardless, for now I think we’ll just use this to give updates to family and friends on what our little family is up to.